MegaLink 2

The MegaLink 2 is a system that provides interfacing for status and demand handshake signals between Chemical Dispense Units (CDUs) and multiple Point-of-Use (POU) tools. The system provides status and valve control interfacing between Mega dispense tools and Valve Manifold Boxes (VMBs), which feed the POU process equipment by using advanced Ethernet communication. The system is designed to take control and automate factory chemical delivery, and can support up to 8 remote units per host.

In the highly configurable MegaLink 2, chemicals or slurry run from the CDU through the VMB and return to the CDU through a global loop. A signal is sent to the host when chemicals or slurry are available in the CDU. When the POU is ready for chemicals or slurry, it sends a demand signal to the host. If no alarm is present, a signal is sent to the VMB to open a single-stick automatic valve allowing chemicals or slurry to flow to the POU inlet.

Standards and Features:

  • Fully configurable I/Os, such as safety interlocks and valves
  • Can control VMBs from multisource delivery solutions
  • Hardware or software handshake signals interface
  • Touch-screen monitor included with host
  • Host controls up to 8 remote units
  • Multiple I/O configuration sizes to fit large or small-scale factories
  • Supports up to 128 different global loops and associated CDUs & POUs
  • Supports up to 128 VMBs with a maximum of 12 fully configurable sticks, or 128 manually controlled TVBs
  • Redundant DC power
  • Supports up to 32 CSS points


  • Redundant Communications
  • Redundant AC Power Supply
  • Redundant PLCs


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