MegaSafe™ is control software designed to maintain global loop dispense to point-of-use chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and cleaning tools in the event of a programmable logic controller (PLC) failure. By keeping track of tool status at shutdown, allowing for a seamless PLC swap, and conserving qualified slurry batches, MegaSafe prevents fab disruption and reduces overall manufacturing cost.

PLC failures result in an immediate distribution system shutdown, requiring disposal of partially processed wafers. When integrated into the hardware controls of a Mega chemical or slurry delivery system, MegaSafe returns the system operation to the step it was performing at the time of failure with “seamless transfer” to the system’s operation. As a result, it shortens reboot time and reduces fab wafer damage by halted chemical flow.

MegaSafe was designed specifically for Mega Fluid Systems’ products and is compatible with Mega Fluid System’s SBD 100 Ethernet-based systems, as well as Ethernet-based system upgrades.

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