Mega SF100™

The Mega SF100 Series system consists of three pairs of 20” filter bowl/head assemblies configured to permit simultaneous filtration of blended slurry material from a single or dual source, and to dispense to two global loops; one pair of filters is associated with each loop discharge, while the third pair of filters is used to maintain loop supply when filter cartridge change-out is required.


The system is designed for continuous, simultaneous filtration of slurry supply to two different global loops.

  • A common spare filter bank allows for filter flush or element replacement without disruption to the global loop flow.
  • Staged filtration is provided for both loops.
  • Auto flush/purge function for any bank.
  • Auto purge and pre-pressurization for bumpless transfer between banks.
  • Auto pressure drop sensing and alarms.
  • Typically controlled from an associated SBD or CBD unit.
  • Optionally available with stand-alone controls to permit retrofit or addition to existing systems.

Mega SF200™

The Mega SF 200 Series system consists of two successive 20” filter bowl/head assemblies on a single bank. One filter bank is active, leaving the remaining bank in standby. The standby filter bank...

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Mega SF300™

The Mega SF 300 Series system consists of two 20” filter bowl/head assemblies on one bank, automatic valves to control the flow of slurry, and a set of pressure gauges to read filter inlet and out...

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