Mega possesses leading technical expertise with strong knowledge of various slurry and chemical properties in a wide variety of customer applications and requirements. Mega’s technical highlights include proprietary control algorithms for controlling and maintaining blend accuracy and pressure control, an ability to meet and maintain tight blend accuracies as low as 0.001% by weight, and high reliability and system up-time (99.9%).

Mega is one of a few select companies focusing solely on your market

Mega’s core strength is an unmatched ability to customize slurry and chemical delivery systems for specific customer applications. Mega’s chemical, mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering capabilities result in exceptional product performance and repeat business with industry leaders. With a global installed base at most of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, Mega draws upon a deep and diverse set of experiences and feedback to continually improve its product offering.


Through its engineering expertise, Mega has leading market capabilities in system customization, and has developed differentiated system controls solutions to achieve outstanding product performance.


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