Mega’s manufacturing is guided by a strict adherence to the procedures documented in the project-specific operation method sheet (OMS) that presides over the entire life cycle. We leverage the latest manufacturing technologies in order to meet strict demands for quality and on-time delivery.


Every team member at Mega is rigorously trained in ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing and operations fundamentals. Our supply management expertise, global service/support, and depth of engineering talent will surpass your expected goals.

Our ISO 9001:2008 process environment works with you to define the solution before design or prototyping begin

These expectations enable us to deliver product on a just-in-time basis, regardless of order size or the degree of changes in the configuration or specifications. Our close supply chain relationship with global suppliers supports this ability to rapidly adjust and adapt to these situations.


We have proven capabilities in plastic and stainless machining, welding, assembly, and packaging. These features allow us to be a world-class source for prototyping and assembly of full-scale production units.