Research & Development

Our lab includes precision scientific equipment to re-create and test actual process chemistries to ensure more robust solutions for chemical and slurry delivery. A dedicated, full-time team of researchers with multi-discipline engineering and technical backgrounds perform the full gamut of applications-specific equipment and protocol testing, process chemistry testing, materials studies, and flow verification.

Mega maintains a dedicated best-in-class research & development laboratory

Mega’s R&D group partners with OEMs, IC manufacturers, slurry manufacturers, and others in order to develop solutions for advanced cleaning, CMP, immersion lithography, and other wet process applications needed to address the diverse product critical application challenges. We benchmark existing equipment solutions along with next-generation slurries, processes, and components to ascertain potential performance gaps and identify process-enabling solutions.


For instance, the lab’s full-scale CMP slurry distribution setup conducts a variety of development and characterization work for UHP blending and delivery systems. We perform tests for slurry shear, agglomeration, blending and handling through a fab-scale global loop. Plus, we have online and offline analytical tools and expertise to characterize point-of-use slurry “life”, as well as to monitor slurry properties such as pH, density, specific gravity, viscosity, solids concentrations and constituents, and particle size distributions.


By engaging Mega to engineer solutions outside of their fabrication plants, our customers have access to an industry-leading dedicated resource while keeping their own tools and manufacturing facilities in full production.

R&D Lab Datasheet